Thursday, March 5, 2009

JUST JOKING : Skinny VS Fatter

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Training to fight story..

Fatter: Hit me in the chest.

Skinny: Are you sure?

Fatter: Yes I'm..

Skinny: Ok then..
Skinny: (dushhhhh..)

Fatter: Jeez..Your knuckles are all bone..

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

JUST JOKING : Bathroom Key..

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Picture above is just for your entertainment..

The situation the SHOP!

Me: Sorry sir, may I use your bathroom?
Me: Key please..

Shop Man: Sorry sir..
Shop Man: Our SHOP POLICY, you need to buy something first.

Me: "*#$&)*_&_&%$*++***"

My comment:-
How can the POLICY like that.."*%**%$*)*)%$%$*)***"


Friday, January 16, 2009

JUST JOKING : Coincidence..

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When I want to send my resignation paper to my boss..

Me: Permission to speak, sir?

Boss: You know what? No!
Boss: may not speak!
Boss: Not now and not ever! Ok?
Boss: You have overplayed your hand and you may never talk to me again!!!

Me: Ok..
Me: Then I quit!!!

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

JUST JOKING : Trick Question!!!

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On the nonsense talk..About cartoon..

PEople 1: I like to call it "Circle of Life".

PEople 2: Oh my must stop watching 'The Lion King'..
PEople 2: I don't like that movie..
PEople 2: Hahaha..

PEople 1: [Continue talking..]
PEople 1: I like that baby lion cub..
PEople 1: What's his name?

PEople 2: Simba..

PEople 1: Trick question!!! You like it too..
PEople 1: Hahaha..

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